Meet Lindsay Prusick

Lindsay is a trainer who specializes in developing creative, evidence-based educational materials for hearing health care professionals. She also presents these materials in a wide array of settings. Materials include presentations, online courses/webinars, handbooks, blog posts, articles, and reference guides. She has also participated in multiple research studies ranging from advisory roles to full management of a multi-center $3.5 million NIH/NIDCD funded research grant.


Lindsay has been a speaker at conferences such as the Hearing Innovation Expo in Las Vegas, NV and First Latin American Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Seminar in Bogota, Colombia. She is a contributor to Starkey Hearing Technologies digital magazine Innovations and writes for the Starkey blog. She also hosts education and training webinars on a variety of hearing related topics at AudiologyOnline.

Lindsay’s Story

From a very young age Lindsay understood the profound impact hearing loss can have on a family. Being raised with a deaf older brother, she has been exposed to the isolation, frustration, and challenges deafness can cause. It was through Signed English, one genre of sign language, that her family was able to connect to her brother’s otherwise silent world and navigate all of lifes challenges. This experience and exposure to the obstacles individuals with hearing loss often face, shaped Lindsay as a person and guided her to her passion; providing care to individuals with hearing loss and educating others about hearing/hearing loss. Her unique perspective and drive have allowed her to excel in her career as an audiologist, researcher, educator, and speaker.